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Podtrac announced today that its measurement system has been given an official “seal of approval” by the IAB Tech Lab as compliant with the IAB Podcast Measurement Technical Guidelines Version 2.0. 

Podcast audience counts for any publisher or podcast provided by Podtrac’s redirect measurement system, including those listed in its dashboard and its monthly Podcast Industry Rankings, are verified compliant through the IAB Tech Lab program.The IAB Public Disclosure for Podtrac is available here.

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Every month we update our Top 10 Podcast Publisher and our Top 20 Podcasts rankings.

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Podcast Industry Rankings

Podtrac provides the podcast industry’s only ranking of top publishers, as well as the industry's only ranking of podcasts based on unique audience counts.  New Publisher and Podcast Rankings are published each month using consistent measurement methodology for apples-to-apples audience sizing.

Why Rankings from Podtrac?

Podtrac is in a unique position to produce rankings for the industry. With its ubiquitous podcast measurement technology across all sources of podcast traffic, its measurement relationships with the majority of top publishers in the industry, and over 11 years experience in analyzing more than 8.5 billion unique podcast downloads, Podtrac has access to data and experience that can't be matched by anyone else in the industry.

The Industry Standard For Podcast Audience Measurement

Advertisers and publishers need accurate audience data to make good decisions about content and advertising. But with various methods for counting audiences — with often inaccurate stats from hosting providers or others with less sophisticated analysis — how do you know which metrics you can rely on?  Podtrac measurement is here to help with its industry-first “Unique Monthly Audience” metric.

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Expert Audience Demographics

Podtrac originated the podcast audience survey in 2005, and since then has surveyed hundreds of thousands of podcast listeners to develop detailed demographics by show so you can better understand who’s listening.

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