January 2018- Top Podcast Publishers

The Top 10 Podcast Publishers ranking for January 2018 is now available at Podtrac.com.

Highlights of the January Publisher ranking include:

  • US Unique Monthly Audience increased for six of the Top 10 publishers in January over December 2017 with HowStuffWorks showing the largest gain at 24%.
  • iHeartMedia returns to the ranking at #6. iHeart left the ranking in November 2017 as they worked on a means to measure shows with Podtrac which are distributed via their website media player. As of the January ranking those shows distributed via their website media player are not included. iHeart continues to work on a solution to measure those shows with Podtrac .
  • Total Global Unique Streams and Downloads for the group of Top 10 publishers is up 15% in January over December. 
  • Total Global Downloads and Streams for the Top 10 Publishers in January 2018  increased by 112% year-over-year from January of 2017.
January 2018 Publisher Ranking for blog.png